Speaking Spanglish per a 1r I 2n d'ESO

Dimarts 24 d'abril els grups de 1r i 2n d'ESO van anar a veure l'obra de teatre Speaking Spanglish de la companyia teatral Blue Mango Theatre a l'Auditori Miquel Martí i Pol. We had such a great time!


This cross-cultural comedy follows the exploits of a Spanish girl who is coming to live in Britain for a year. Warned by her parents to watch out for “bad food, bad weather, unfriendly locals and football hooligans” she has some interesting preconceptions of how Britain will really be. On her journey she realises that some of these stereotypes are not altogether true and that Britain can be both diverse and welcoming. Wherever she goes she keeps running into Charlie, an English student she met on the flight over. This could be the start of something good… But with so many preconceptions and prejudices about each other, will they ever manage to get together?
As we follow her adventures into the unknown we take a humorous look at stereo-types, traditions and customs of both England and Spain. We ask the audience to help her on her way by participating both verbally and physically..