Llengües Estrangeres


We live in a global world in which rapid changes are taking place. Many people have the opportunity to travel much more than before, and/or have the possibility to get in contact with other people around the globe through the Internet. International exchanges happen at all levels: education, work, leisure... and are constantly growing in numbers. Globalization definitely affects everyone.

Speaking a foreign language is a need which is quickly developing into an obligation. There are many important reasons now to learn a foreign language: many people may well go and live or work in a different country; many companies require staff with the competence of at least one foreign language; we need other languages if we want to have access to a wider range of information... We need a foreign language if we want to fully develop as individuals and easily adapt to new realities and situations.

Carles Piquer Aznar
Cristina Lucerón Guillamón
Mònica Pinto Herrera
Yolanda Ribe de Pont
Ana M. González
Albert Molins
M. Rosa Ena

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Albert Molins
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